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Mortgage Protection

AllurLIFE understands the difficulties a family can face after an unexpected death – or in times of crisis. In times of emotional and financial hardship, the last thing you should have to worry about is mortgage payments. AllurLIFE is committed to providing your family with peace of mind!

Our Mortgage Protection products are best-suited for new homeowners and individuals who have recently refinanced their home, or secured home equity loans. In the event of Terminal, Critical or Chronic Illness, Mortgage Protection provides Living Benefits – crucial financial assistance to protect against piling medical bills and/or the inability to work.

Return of Premium (ROP) options are available in which the insured will receive 100% return of ALL premiums paid should they outlive the policy & the death benefit is not used. This option can also be used to help pay off your home early. For information please contact us!

Life Insurance

One of the most selfless acts one can do for their family is putting a plan in place to provide financial freedom for their loved ones after they are gone. AllurLIFE offer several insurance options – Term Life, Whole Life & Universal Life. Our goal is to provide a product that best suits the needs of you & your family.

Needs vary – and change – and not every type of life product makes sense for everyone. Our insurance professionals will work with you to set up a personalized plan of your choice. We’ll assess your individual & family needs, guiding you to make the best decision in finding a plan that’s not only a great value, but also tailored to your budget!

Final Expense

With rising funeral costs annually, the most responsible thing for an individual to think about at some point in their life is burial planning.

Oftentimes a difficult and uncomfortable family subject, our agents can guide those 45 and older in the right direction when it comes to final expense planning. Alleviate the burden on your family during their time of mourning & loss. AllurLIFE products will help pay for funeral expenses.

Rest assured you’ll no longer have to worry what might happen in the event of your absence. AllurLIFE’s carriers provide planning of up to $40,000 in death benefit. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote!

Children’s Life Insurance

Our carrier portfolio provides affordable life insurance coverage for children from 6 months old to 17 years of age. In the event of an unforeseen tragedy, these policies help families focus on what’s important – rather than the potential financial burden.

For a fraction of the cost of an adult policy, you’ll ensure lifetime insurance protection for your children or grandchildren. Our knowledgeable agents will assist in securing coverage for you with no medical exam & a simple application process. Contact us today!

Retirement Planning

Whether you already have a retirement plan in place, or you’re simply looking to supplement – or even boost – your Golden Years, just one call to AllurLIFE and we’ll provide customized options you’re sure to be interested in! Call today and talk to our agent for your personalized, no-obligation quote. We’re here for you!

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